Atlas’ Approach to Sustainability

Atlas is committed to growing a sustainable business with industry leading financial returns by differentiating ourselves in how we tackle challenges and leverage opportunities.

Atlas’ ESG program is designed to build on Seaspan and APR’s strong foundations and strategically align the companies as valuable partners and trusted advisors to customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders. Itcaptures the many initiatives that have been implemented in our companies and provides a structured approach to continuous sustainable operations.

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Approach to Sustainability

ESG Program Governance

We remain committed to our ESG initiatives as we monitor progress, prioritize and improve our ESG program, including initiatives, disclosures, and reports.

ESG Strategy Development

ESG principles are directly embedded in our business model ensuring ownership and accountability for sustainable business practices are integrated in our daily decision making. Our team continuously conducts reviews of our material topics to evaluate relevance with emerging trends and shifts in importance and impact of our current focal points.

United Nations Global Compact

Since 2021, Atlas has been an active member of the United Nations Global Compact, which encourages companies to align their practices with 10 universally accepted principles and support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SGD’s).

ESG has been firmly embedded in our vision, mission, and our employees’ daily work across the group. As the leader in the container shipping and mobile power sectors, our long-term market leadership and success are built on the foundation of sustainability in everything we do and for everyone in our company.

– Bing Chen
   President and CEO of Atlas Corp.

Our Five Key Competencies

Atlas’ Five Key Competencies constitute the foundation of our business operations, guiding how we run our companies across business cycles and towards our strategic objectives. These competencies are consistently nurtured and enable high-performance execution across our businesses.

  • Consistent Operational Excellence
  • Creative Customer Partnerships
  • Solid Financial Strength
  • Quality Growth
  • Disciplined Capital Allocation