Atlas Corp. believes that accountability, transparency and security are fundamental to protecting the long-term interests of our customers, our employees, our stakeholders, and the public. These core principles of corporate governance are the foundation upon which our objectives are set, and our policies and practices are built. Strong corporate governance requires constant vigilance to ensure that our approach is aligned to the most recent best practices and regulations, maintaining the confidence of not only our partners, shareholders, and other stakeholders, but also of our global community.

Atlas Governance Highlights

We are committed to good corporate governance and aim to continue to strengthen Atlas’ Board and management accountability to maintain public trust and promote the long-term interests of our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance
  • At least half of the Board must be independent; currently 7 of 8 directors are independent
  • In camera sessions of independent directors after each Board meeting excluding management
  • Risk oversight by the Board and the Audit Committee
  • Robust Standards of Business Conduct Policy that applies to all personnel, including directors
  • Audit Committee and Compensation and Governance Committee are composed entirely of independent directors
  • ESG reporting and annual interface with leading sustainability rating agencies
  • Executive compensation program driven by payfor-performance philosophy

1. On October 31, 2022, Atlas entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger with Poseidon Acquisition Corp. and Poseidon Merger Sub, Inc., pursuant to which, subject to the satisfaction or waiver of conditions in such agreement, Atlas will merge with Poseidon Merger Sub, Inc., and become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Poseidon (the “Merger”). The governance structure of Atlas may be altered following the completion of the Merger.

Corporate Governance

We always work to maintain the governance practices that ensure our stakeholders’ ongoing confidence. This involves a continual review of how evolving legislation, guidelines and best practices should be reflected in our approach.

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