About Atlas

Atlas is a leading global asset owner and operator, with a focus on investing capital to grow a long lasting and sustainable business. Atlas brings together an experienced asset management team with deep operational and capital allocation experience. We target long-term, risk-adjusted returns across high quality infrastructure assets in maritime, energy, and other infrastructure verticals. Our two main portfolio companies, Seaspan Corporation and APR Energy are unique, industry leading operations in their respective sectors.

CEO Message

Innovation is at the core of the Atlas culture, and we look to reduce emissions across our business.

We are pleased to publish our third annual Sustainability Report to share our resolute commitment to ESG principles throughout our organization.

Atlas Corp. is firmly dedicated to continuous Improvement across all our operations. Since our inception, robust ESG principles have been a part of our strategic vision and integrated in our corporate culture and business model. They are directly embedded in our business. Year over-year we strive to increasingly mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations, make strides in our social performance, and improve our governance policies as part of our daily decision making. A culture of ownership and accountability drives our teams to innovate and collaborate with our customers, partners, and stakeholders on sustainable business practices every day.

In support of this journey and in recognition of our standing as a leading company in our industries, we are a participant of the UN Global Compact, formalizing our commitment to support its 10 Guiding Principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Seaspan Corporation is committed to adhering to the United Nations International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) regulatory requirements and working progressively to decarbonize the Seaspan fleet. Thirty-five percent of our 70 vessel newbuild program is LNG dual fuel.

APR is adapting for the future with an unwavering commitment to make power more reliable, more sustainable, and more available. Through a mixed portfolio of traditional and green energy options, APR is providing solutions for current and future energy needs.

Strategizing a Sustainable Future

Decarbonizing our respective industries requires forward-thinking commercial decisions that consider a robust analysis of climate-related risks and opportunities and identifies innovative solutions to mitigate, adapt, and make the necessary investments in our future.

We are proud to have several important partners supporting our social goals as an organization. The health and wellness of our global workforce is a critical priority, and we continue to invest in programs and initiatives that protect our people and provide opportunities for growth and development.

This report demonstrates tangible actions integrating ESG principles throughout our company, outlining our determination to continue to be a provider of choice in our markets.

Sincerely, Bing Chen, President and CEO, Atlas Corp.